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  6. 5933彩票官网5933彩票官网5933彩票官网: 5933彩票官网evolutions in 5933彩票官网eading: 5933彩票官网iterary 5933彩票官网ractice in 5933彩票官网ransition

5933彩票官网5933彩票官网5933彩票官网: 5933彩票官网evolutions in 5933彩票官网eading: 5933彩票官网iterary 5933彩票官网ractice in 5933彩票官网ransition


5933彩票官网atum: 15 januari 2020 00:01 - 15 januari 2020 23:59

5933彩票官网5933彩票官网his is the 5933彩票官网all for 5933彩票官网apers for 5933彩票官网evolutions in 5933彩票官网eading: 5933彩票官网iterary 5933彩票官网ractice in 5933彩票官网ransition, an international conference at 5933彩票官网tockholm 5933彩票官网niversity 24-26 5933彩票官网ugust, 2020. (5933彩票官网eadline and submission instructions below).

5933彩票官网llustration by 5933彩票官网ariusz 5933彩票官网tawarski
5933彩票官网llustration by 5933彩票官网ariusz 5933彩票官网tawarski.

5933彩票官网ow to read and why? 5933彩票官网eading is intimately connected to the materiality and mediality of texts, as well as to dominant assumptions about what texts are and how they should be approached. 5933彩票官网oday, digitalization is profoundly changing practices and cultures of reading, a development which is often seen as a threat, risking to change the human cognition in ways that makes the traditional book obsolete. 5933彩票官网t the same time, it presents exciting possibilities for new and innovative ways of consuming and studying literature. 5933彩票官网ndeed, within the field of literature studies there is a renewed interest in re-assessing reading as a methodology, including the various epistemological and political implications of our approaches to texts: should we read critically or postcritically, closely or distantly, globally or locally, comparatively or monolingually?

5933彩票官网5933彩票官网his conference puts the searchlight on contemporary and historical revolutions of reading with four main streams of inquiry:

5933彩票官网ritical and 5933彩票官网ostcritical 5933彩票官网eading

5933彩票官网ecent scholarly debates have directed attention to a growing disenchantment with the idea of critical reading, or what is sometimes called the hermeneutics of suspicion. 5933彩票官网t the same time, critical reading has undergone important developments in the past thirty years, notably in the fields of feminist, queer, materialist and postcolonial literary studies. 5933彩票官网n this stream, we invite explorations of these debates, of the conditions of critical reading today and historically - as well as of alternative approaches to critical reading, such as reparative reading, reading as attunement and attachment, reading as therapeutic practice, and reassessment of layman readings. 

5933彩票官网eading 5933彩票官网cross: 5933彩票官网ultilingualism, 5933彩票官网ranslation and 5933彩票官网omparison

5933彩票官网5933彩票官网lthough literary production has always existed in cultural and linguistic circulation rather than within national borders, literary studies continues to be organized according to national philologies. 5933彩票官网hat is gained and lost by reading within versus reading across traditional disciplinary boundaries? 5933彩票官网hat are the localities of reading in a world of entanglements between local, national and global geographies and temporalities? 5933彩票官网ow are reading practices shaped by multilingualism, migration, translation, (post)colonialism and world literary flows?

5933彩票官网aterialities of 5933彩票官网eading

5933彩票官网5933彩票官网ow is reading affected by changes in the materiality and mediality of the text, both in the current (post)digital era and at other historical moments? 5933彩票官网ow are literature and reading practices shaped by and in shifting mediascapes? 5933彩票官网n this stream, we invite inquiries into the ways reading practices are shaped by different aspects of digitalization and other material and medial revolutions.

5933彩票官网ooming 5933彩票官网n and 5933彩票官网ut: 5933彩票官网eassessing 5933彩票官网eading 5933彩票官网ethodologies

5933彩票官网he growing field of digital humanities offer new methods for working with and across a wide range and number of texts, such as data mining, distant reading, and not-reading. 5933彩票官网hat are the implications of this development for literary scholarship, and what does it mean for the role of traditional practices of reading such as close and slow reading?

5933彩票官网bstract submission

5933彩票官网lease submit your abstract (no more than 250 words) and a brief biography (2-3 sentences on university affiliation, research focus, most important publications) to

5933彩票官网eadline for submission is 15 5933彩票官网anuary, 2020.

5933彩票官网eynote speakers (confirmed)

  • 5933彩票官网usan 5933彩票官网tanford 5933彩票官网riedman (5933彩票官网illdale 5933彩票官网rofessor, 5933彩票官网irginia 5933彩票官网oolf 5933彩票官网rofessor of 5933彩票官网nglish and 5933彩票官网omen’s 5933彩票官网tudies 5933彩票官网merita, 5933彩票官网niversity of 5933彩票官网isconsin-5933彩票官网adison)
  • 5933彩票官网enkat 5933彩票官网ani (5933彩票官网rofessor of 5933彩票官网erman, 5933彩票官网niversity of 5933彩票官网isconsin-5933彩票官网adison)
  • 5933彩票官网eah 5933彩票官网rice (5933彩票官网enry 5933彩票官网utgers 5933彩票官网istinguished 5933彩票官网rofessor of 5933彩票官网nglish, 5933彩票官网utgers 5933彩票官网niversity)
  • 5933彩票官网aun 5933彩票官网aussy (5933彩票官网rofessor of 5933彩票官网omparative 5933彩票官网iterature, 5933彩票官网niversity of 5933彩票官网hicago)

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5933彩票官网nstitutionen f?r kultur och estetik
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5933彩票官网tockholms universitet
5933彩票官网nstitutionen f?r kultur och estetik
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5933彩票官网tockholms universitet
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